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Dr Patrick Dixon, YouTube Futurist Keynote Speaker - Recent Futurist YouTube Videos - Keynote Speaker

Vital customer insights from aviation industry / airlines which apply to every industry and client segmentation. A key issue for business travellers is productivity -- for example high speed web access on a rail or air journey. Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon, giving Futurist lecture on future customer experiences and customer needs, for American Express / ATH at client event in Moscow. Most airlines and hotels have a poor understanding of what life is really like for business travellers. For example, a traveller on a long haul flight outbound will be working hard, needing power, probably few movies and not much food. On the flight home, number one priority is a flat bed in a quiet, dark cabin, then on-demand excellent food and drink. Smart airlines know what time clock each business traveller is on: UK or US on flight from New York. How do they know? Because of the country of origin and because they know if the person is travelling out or home. Lessons for better customer research, better market research, improving customer satisfaction, improving customer loyalty and customer engagement. Impact on marketing, advertising, corporate image and media campaigns. Ways to improve retention of key customer accounts in business travel industry. Video of keynote conference speaker on travel industry.

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