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Keynote on corporate travel industry trends by Patrick Dixon. It is ironic that most people have better technology at home and faster bandwidth, than they do at work. They also have better experiences online with things like travel tools -- using personal Apps like Tripit which reports with SMS, diary updates and so on with live updates of flight delays, alternative routing suggestions. Virtual travel assistants are a big growth industry in the personal retail travel market, but in the workplace very few companies are operating with the same sophistication. But business and leisure worlds are fusing. Consumer expectations booking flights using mobile apps. Impact of mobile apps and mobile marketing on customer relationship management by travel companies, airlines and hotels. How travel industry companies can lose up to 80% of business in a few seconds. How to engage customers, increase customer loyalty, improve customer experience and transform business travel. Corporate travel executives need to learn from retail and leisure travel operators. Multichannel marketing and online travel sales will increase dramatically, linked to live information systems, free travel guides, automatic re-routing and re-ticketing when flights are cancelled or delayed. Risks of managing all corporate travel budgets internally -- difficulty in providing support for senior executives and business leaders 24/7, especially when travelling at night or over weekends or public holidays. Common frustrations of business travellers, and business class passengers. How to deliver a premium travel to VIP customers at almost zero cost using travel bots, robot programmes which provide instant, automated support to your most important customers. Let's look at the experience of an individual trying to book a flight. In the UK already, 1 in 3 people no longer watch conventional TV -- they have shifted to watching web streamed TV programmes. The web has also made us very impatient -- as we are used increasingly to information appearing in a second or two. Future of international business travel. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist, Patrick Dixon, speaking at corporate travel industry event for American Express (Amex) and ATH in Moscow.

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