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Online price comparison sites are transforming retail sales, banking, insurance, travel industry and business to business sales (B2B). Keynote speaker Futurist Patrick Dixon at conference organised by ATH / American Express (Amex) in Moscow for travel executives. Other themes: total price transparency, coupled with next day home delivery, is the biggest single threat to traditional retail outlets and large retail chains in the last decade. Expect further fusion / merger of offline and online retailing with in-store price comparison using mobile devices, price comparison Apps, aggressive discounting by online mass-market retailers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs). Price comparison websites are already having a deep impact on the entire travel industry, affecting not only airlines and business travel, but also leisure: charter package holidays, hotels, cruise holidays, tours and so on. Old business models are dead -- just one example is the way in which airlines are now changing the rewards they offer to travel agents, who are being eliminated step by step from the chain of relationships between customer and their travel experience (disintermediation).

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